Crabs losing limbs at start or molting?

I have some red claw crabs (I had them in the past and never saw them drop off a limb right when they start molting) and they're losing 1 limb, one dropped a claw the other dropped a leg. This is a normal period when red claws molt, they hangout in the water more than on land (when I see them atleast) and my current setup is better than I had before, is this normal? Could it be that I bought them from petsmart VS. Private shop like before? And they were severely unhealthy before I bought them?

Don't know what to think, but I had one red claw molt and live for 3 years in a very badly set up tank, this one is much better! My old crab never was dropping off limbs during a molt... And he lived one year longer than average
i don't think they're suppose to drop limbs unless they're fighting or a predator grabs their limb and they detach to get away.

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