Crab or Snail?

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    [h=2]Set up: I currently have a 30 gallon with 5 and 1 ADF, under gravel filtration and an Aqueon filter for up to 50 gallons. I have live plants floating and a few other things in there. Our tank is at 80 degrees all the time (lovely heater!), and everyone gets along nicely. I do not use salt.[/h]

    Questions: I really love a blue Mystery Snail or a Fiddler Crab. Can't decide. So tell me what you know about crabs. Do they have to come in pairs? What temp do they prefer? What do they eat? How easy are they to keep? How do they breed?

    I'll ask the same type of questions in the snail section, but would love any ideas or suggestions about crabs!​
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    fiddler crabs need!! brackish water made with marine salt.petstores say they are freshwater but they will die in a short time if salt is not added.if you really want a fiddler crab you could remove your ADF from your tank and make the tank brackish,the mollies can live in brackish and will like it (correct me if im wrong someone).crabs also need air and some land so youd need to make drift wood or something sticks out.crabs eat pretty much anything
    but you can get crab pellets and even fiddler crab pellets work.
    fiddler crabs are impossible to breed:;google.
    they are fairly easy to keep if you do your part in taking care of them.
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    Agreed with shadowfish, I would get a snail, not a crab, for those reasons.
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    Fiddler crabs are easy to keep and almost impossible to breed. They have to be able to come out of the water too. You can setup something in your tank to allow them to climb onto a floating piece of driftwood for example. But they have to be able to become completely emerged. They also need brackish water which means you would have to remove your ADF. Fiddler crabs can be a little difficult if they're not in a species only tank, in my opinion. I would highly suggest that you keep a snail instead. Mystery Snails look amazing as they grow larger and are really fun to watch. Good luck! :)