CPR's AquaFuge2 hang-on refugiums

Has anyone used these before ...

( I am interested at the Medium AquaFuge2)

Medium AquaFuge2
Product Code: AF2SM Includes Powerhead
Water Capacity: 3.60 Gallons
Dimensions: 19" L x 4.5" W x 12" T
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AlexAlex said:
I haven't ever used any of these, but you may want to find another picture of the "installed done" (second one). It reads "Page Not Found". Just thought I'd let you know on that.
for some reason the install review vanished..and now it back :

anyways found another one :
CPR products are always good from my pov. I was looking at HOB refugiums for a while and was going to get this one. However I changed my mind and make a sump/refugium. If you have the space and time a sump/refugium is the way to go. It maximizes refugium space. It will also cost you a little less. I built a 15gal fuge for my 29gal and it ran about $60. However I have not bought a light yet. It will probably only be 30$ more. If you don't have the space. A hang on back refugium is a great option especially the CPR series.

Good luck!
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Thanks Guys for the feedback.... Unfotunately, I am limited by space so will have buy the HOB type...

will keep you posted once I get it...

PS: aquarist48: the pics looks awesome.. nice setup !!
Thanks Mangups!

Keep us posted.


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