Cpds With Fake Plants? Question

  1. Bigapplepiggy

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    We've had a 10 gallon tank with two guppies and three Amano shrimp for a while. Then one of the guppies died. We went to buy a new guppy and also impulse bought five CPDs...

    I know I shouldn't have impulse bought but they were just so good looking. Then found out they like lots of plants. I bought plants and put them in the tank but sadly I don't have green fingers as I managed to kill the most robust beginner plants. We have tried java fern, Rosetta sword and some other type of fern whose name I can't remember.
    I think my lighting isn't adequate to support plant life (I made it myself)

    All the fish and shrimp are living quite peacefully together. When we come close to the tank the CPDs hide in the back but when I watch the tank from a distance they swim out at the front.

    I don't really have the money right now to buy a new light and new plants and fertilizer that I probably should have used. I tried to make them feel safe by adding fake plants. Will they be ok?


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  2. Coradee

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    Hi, I doubt the Cpd’s will mind if you use fake plants as long as they’re not too stiff or sharp as they do like to dart in & out of them especially when spawning :)
  3. OP

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    Thank you for your reply. That is good to know. My newest fake plant is silk and I like how it looks. One of them is rather stiff, so I will swap that one out for another silk one.

    I don't think I could breed them, the Amano shrimp will probably eat the fry. But that's ok, we really like the ones we have.