CPDs and RCS


Sinc my honey gourami sadly died. I'm now left with 3 CPD. I plan on bringing the numbers up to 6 or 8 and getting some RCS.

So a final stocking of 6 0r 8 CPDs and 10 RCS (I hope for them to breed) for a 10 gallon tank should work right?


[CPDs (celestial pearl danios)?] I asked our LFS to specifically order them, then they came in sick, then I realized they're $8 a pop! Not worth it if my other fish gobble them up! That sounds good for a 10g. Would love to see pics Sorry about your honey


Yes, that would work. Just make sure you have lots of hiding places for baby RCS.


We talking about the CPDs or RCS breeding? or both?

Either case, make sure you have some sort of moss for the CPDs to scatter their eggs and for the shrimplets to hide.


RCS breeding. Though, I wouldn't mind if the CPDs breed. I'll make sure to have a lot of java moss or najas for the shrimplets.


I have 11 cpd's and a colony of rcs in a 10 gallon. I added some cholla wood with plenty of xmas moss.
The shrimp breed fine, but I think the Cpd's snack on the some of the shrimplets.

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