Cpd Is Sick

  1. JoJe

    JoJe Valued Member Member

    Hello all,

    I got my CPDs today. However, one of them has some clamped fins and is skinny compared to the others. I had Melafix and Pimafix on hand, so after separating him from the school, I dosed both of those in a hospital 'tank' (which right now is just a small container with an airstone for lack of a proper QT system.) He eats, but only sparingly compared to the others, and does not nearly swim as strongly. No signs of external parasites like ich or velvet. Just the clamped fins, skinnyness, and relative weakness compared to the others. What is the best medication for handling an unknown disease like this? Something broad spectrum obviously, but any specific recommendations?
  2. DoubleDutch

    DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    Sorry to hear you're having issues.
    My experiences with CPD's makes me think there is "something" in CPD's nowadays. There quite new in the hobby, but lot or reports of issues alike.
    especially the skinniness is known. There were suspecions of TB, but not all will get affected is my experience. I am afraid meds won't work. Sorry.

    Kind regards Aad
  3. OP

    JoJe Valued Member Member

    Hmmm, that's interesting. I had kind of come to conclusion it might be fish TB, but you think it may just be a genetic issue from inbreeding causing similar problems? He is still isolated. Should I treat the main tank for TB with Kanaplex and Metroplex as a precaution? Only the CPDs are in it, as of yesterday, and tearing it down this soon after building it would seriously suck. I read in a few places that Kana and Metro together would help.