Counting Cherry Shrimp?


Hello! So a while back, when I first got my cherries one arrived berried. Now, about a month later I saw the first baby. It was about 4-5mm long and had no coloring. I’ve also seen another, same size but with tiny specks of red. I’ve beet watching them for the past week and I’ve only ever seen two at the same time… does this mean only two survived or is it likely that there are more hiding out? It looked like the mother was carrying about 10-20 eggs and there are no predators in my tank. Is it possible that these two are just outgoing enough to come to the front while others are more shy and are hiding among the plants? Or would I be safer to assume these are the only two?

Also, all my shrimp are female so I’m hoping some of the shrimplets are male. Is there an easy way to tell whether young shrimp are male or female?


  1. It's very likely that there are more than two, and in fact I'd say you probably aren't seeing the same two each time.
  2. I can't tell male from female when they're very young, but someone more experienced might be able to.
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i am sure there are more than two, theres probably a bunch exploring and hiding and like jettspapa said it is probably not the same two you are seeing. which is good news.
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Got to echo Jett, good advice there, most likely you have more than two and the two you see might not be the same two.

I'm going to use a funny experience, although it was not funny to me at the time, about my red cherry shrimp tank.

One day my husband and I were lucky enough to actually watch a berried female hatching her babies. Just being hatched, those babies were all over the plants and glass. The next day there was not a baby to be seen anywhere. My hubby got on my back saying that there was something wrong with the tank, I did something wrong (I do all the care of all the tanks), all the babies were dead because of me. I'm like, no, they are doing what baby shrimp do, hide and there are plenty of hiding places. He went to you tube and started spouting all the things I did wrong so the babies were dead. I'm still like, no, they are just hiding which is natural. It got to the point I'm like, "you know better than me than you take care of the tank", he was really getting on my nerves.

End of story, of course those babies were hiding, that is their natural response, they are such tiny things and know they are good food, so hide. Four weeks later and guess what, there were babies all over, seems even more of the berried females hatched their eggs when we weren't looking.

Since then he has left me alone as far as shrimp care and I now have a very active red tank full of shrimp of all sizes. So expect to be seeing more soon, those two are just the first.

And if you have babies bold enough to be seen, than you are doing something right, expect to be seeing more soon.

And if I may suggest, get some new stock from another source so you get a little genetic diversity. I got my first 5 from the lfs and the next 10 from an on line source. Fast forward about 8 months and those first 15 are well over 100 if not getting close to 200, kind of hard to count, lol.

And having proved my point, he gave the ok to start a blue tank. Can't wait until I also see those first couple of babies.
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