Couldn't Help Myself-more Cory Fry Funny

Discussion in 'Corydoras' started by mattgirl, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. mattgirl

    mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    I already have way too many Cory's but I couldn't resist collecting the eggs I found attached to the wand I use to hold food down for my assassin snails. Most of my Cory's are bronze. Momma is most likely my biggest albino since she is the only one I have actually seen laying eggs but all of her babies have been bronze. I started with 3 albino and 3 bronze a couple of years ago. I have given away bunches of their babies but still have more than I should in my 55 gallon tank.

    I also have false julii cory's and am hoping these little guys will turn out to be their babies since the eggs were on the wand instead of on the glass like they usually are. If not I will just have more bronze. They hatched out last night so the wait to see begins again. :D
  2. penguin02

    penguin02Well Known MemberMember

    If I had the space I would totally get a cory school so they can breed. But rn I just have my elderly bronze cory, and I don't have the space to replenish his school :(

    Good luck though! Babies are fun :)
  3. OP

    mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    Thank you. Yes they are.

    When I got my mollies I wasn't going to go to any extra trouble to save the fry I knew were soon to come. That resolve lasted about one day and I found myself moving them to their own grow out tank. I just couldn't help myself.

    Right now I have the 3 original Mollies (I didn't realize until after it was too late that I had 2 males and one female) plus 16 fry. I have removed my one female from the main tank and she is now in the grow out tank. I am sure she will have more babies but eventually it should stop now that she is no longer with the males.

    I really shouldn't have saved these eggs either but again, I just couldn't help myself. :D
  4. penguin02

    penguin02Well Known MemberMember

    I do the same thing with livebearers :D I end up giving a lot to my LFS because I can't keep them all long-term
  5. Hunter1

    Hunter1Well Known MemberMember

    I had 4 female guppies and 1 male in my community tank. Females got to almost 3”.

    Hoping fry would get eaten.

    Even when the birthing happened on the weekend during a 2 day fast, some would survive.

    I now have 3 20 talls with guppies; male tank, female tank and immature tank. And I gave up and moved the females out.

    But the biggest thrill was my office tank I started 3 months ago. My secretary came in and said, “you have some new, small fish in here.” I ignored her since I had just added to my glow light tetra school. 2 days later I was doing a water change and observed 2 baby bronze corys.

    I had to apologize to her.
  6. OP

    mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    Do you have any idea as to how they got there? Do you have adult Cory's in this tank? I love it when I spy a baby cory in my tank even though I really don't need any more in there. It is just so cute watching them when they finally get brave enough to come out and forage with the big guys.

    I just emptied the hatch out container into the grow out tank. I think these will have a better chance of surviving in the tank than in the hatching container. there are tons of hiding places for them and lots of bio-film for them to munch on. Hopefully they will make it and I will soon see if I got false julii's or more bronze.
  7. Hunter1

    Hunter1Well Known MemberMember

    I had 6 adult bronze corys.

    Heavily planted with 2 white quartz rock caves. That’s how I spotted em. They were both sitting on top of the white quartz. They were 1/2” and I would have never seen them on the black sand.

    I really need to take a picture of that tank, putting modesty aside, it’s by far my best aquascaped tank. But personal cell phones aren’t allowed and I forget to take pics with my work phone. :-(

    Edit: they are about 1.25” now.

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