Couldn't Control Nitrite- Please help Help

Discussion in 'Aquarium Water' started by parvataneni, Apr 10, 2010.

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    Hi All,

    Here is the story, I bought 10g tank in LFS and they recommended Superbac to use to get through Cycle and i have 6 Danios in the tank and i am feeding Flakes every alternate day,here are my Reading

    Last week
    Ammonia = 1
    Nitrite = 5
    Nitrate 20

    After doing water change every day between 40-50% and i did add Prime for every water change, here are todays reading

    Ammonia = 0.25
    Nitrite = 5
    Nitrate = 5-10(between 5 and 10)

    I dont know what to do now to reduce the Nitrite Levels.Please suggest i am not using any superbac now the only time i used is when i first setup tank and setup fish in it. since then i am changing water using Prime.My water Ph level is 8.

    Do you guys think if i use TSS now can i get the Nitrite levels and Ammonia levels to 0.

    Please help.

  2. Meenu

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    Someone on here said recently that this may happen with Superbac. The ammonia to nitrite bacteria in Superbac is the same as TSS, but the nitrite to nitrate converting bacteria is not, apparently. (I'm so sorry I don't remember who said this so I can't give your research credit!!)

    I would think that the TSS would help. You'd probably need to read a lot about it first, do large water changes before using it, and also not use the Prime. It won't work if there is any conditioner in the tank that detoxifies.

    you can read this:
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    my question is it safeto my fish to ADD TSS now after running the tank for so many days if Yes then i will buy and Tell me a good Tap Water Conditioner also which i should use with TSS.I am not sure which is best.As if now i am using Prime with water changes.
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    if you cant find TSS, the prime and daily water changes will keep them safe....if you do find TSS, only use aqausafe conditoner with it...reading the link on TSS that meenu gave you, will help allot..good luck!
  5. Meenu

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    I think it's perfectly safe... you just have to know that for some people TSS doesn't work, usually because of user error. Read, read, read that link before adding. And Tetra recommends their own conditioner, like Shawnie mentioned. It is Tetra Aqua Safe. I have it, and I have Prime. I like them both - they both are used in my tank. (Prime if I am having water quality issues and TAS if I am not)
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