Could this work?

  1. D

    Dcbblm New Member Member

    I have a 45 gallon corner tank that I am in the proccess of adding more plants. My tank readings are: ammonia 0, ph 7.5, gh 143.2, kh 71.6, nitrite 0, nitrate 15.

    I am wanting to stock the tank with:

    6 dwarf rasboras
    4 coolie loaches
    5 green neon tetras
    5 cherry barbs
    5 red phantom tetras
    Red cherry shrimp
    Crystal red shrimp

    I have to finish with my plants first, but would this combo work with my water?
  2. steed1172

    steed1172 Well Known Member Member

    your stocking should be fine, Dcbblm.

    P.S it's kuhli loach although many people and books say coolie loaches(even though the book mentions that the latin name has kuli in it) there are also Myer's loaches that look very similar to kulis there are but a few changes... true kuli loaches have no fins near the tail, Myers loaches do(and they like it a bit warmer then kulis)