Could this be a flower bud?

  1. :) fatcatfish (: Well Known Member Member

    So I bought 3 Amazon Swordplants on Friday and they have all taken off really well, sprouting new leaves and even without fertilisers. I noticed this on the plant at the back (sorry for the bad picture) a few days ago, could it be a possible flower bud?

    Thank you all in advance :)

  2. bizaliz3 Fishlore VIP Member

    that looks like what's called a runner. that "stem" will grow very tall and sprout baby amazon swords off of it. And they will develop roots and every thing. Once that happens, cut them off and plant the babies :)
  3. :) fatcatfish (: Well Known Member Member

    Oh wow that's awesome! Thank you for such a quick reply :)