Could someone tell me what plants were used in this aquascaping video

  1. Jiggyjigmah

    Jiggyjigmah Valued Member Member

  2. SeattleRoy

    SeattleRoy Well Known Member Member

    Hi Jiggyjigmah,

    It looks like:

    left foreground - Crytocoryne wendtii Red or Bronze
    left background - Vallisneria americana
    attached to log - Anubias barteri Nana
    just rt of log - Crytocoryne wendtii Red or Bronze
    short grass - Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
    tall rt corner back - Ceratophyllum
    tall rt side middle - Ludwigia repens or Ludwigia repens X arcuata
    rt side front - Nymphaea rubra (it's a lily of some sort)

    Hope this helps!