Could someone help me with this, possible Ich?


I was wondering if anyone had a clue what this is... it looks like Ich which I have treat with medicine, aquarium salts raised the temp a bit and it hasn’t improved but my fish hasn’t got any other symptoms eg rubbing on pebbles?
I can only see them clearly when I use my phone torch.. and I know they are completely separate fish but I once has a gold fish that went from gold to white so I was unsure if this could be happening to my blood parrot?
if it helps I feed colour discs for better colourations, tropicalflakes and occasional bloodworm.. I thought this information may help as it maybe could be dietary? And I keep my tank at 26 and had water tested and the levels are fine! Any help would be much appreciated. I’ve included a picture with phone torch on and one without as you can see the whiteish marks
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