Could my water test kit be inaccurate?

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    For a little background information I have had a 10 gallon tank for around 3 weeks and have had 2 sunburst platys in it for 1.5 weeks. I had to go on vacation 3 days ago and when I left my nitrite level was ~1 ppm so I left a bit worried. I did not feed them over vacation. I got home and the fish looked healthy as far as I could tell and no odd behavior.

    Before i left I did a water change as well(after a few hours which I did a water test, the ~1 ppm nitrite level). That same day i got multiple opinions from fish stores, online, etc. and almost all told me the tank was not completely cycled yet and it would be a bit till it is. I was like alright, and did all I could in the meantime, dropping the nitrite from 4-5 ppm to ~1 ppm. So when I left I felt I did all I could do in the time given.

    So now I am at home, checked the nitrite levels, went back to a whopping 5 ppm. Fish are ok as far as I can tell and with 5 ppm I would have assumed they would be dead or dying, but their not dead and not looking like they are dying.

    For the record I do use the API Freshwater Master Test Kit. I am thinking of going to a fish store and having them test it for a second look.

    Was wondering if anyone had advice on this.

    P.S. If i posted in wrong section I apologize.
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    Do large water changes to get nitrites below 0.25 ppm. You can take your water to a store to have them double check the nitrites.

    Do you use Prime as a dechlorinator?
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    I do use prime.