Could it be?


I was browsing the web and found someone who said that Columbian sharks have spawned in an Aquarium ??? the story is very old it is said that it was
done in 96-97

by pturley on Sun Aug 31, 2003 6:10 pm
I'll see if I can get any more information together. I doubt the lady is online, but Ginny may be lurking around still.

From our conversation:
- There was one pair of fish (10" male and 11" female) in the tank, they were maintained in a marine tank (as this species should be when >5").
- Tank was a std. 75 gallon. Only one pair of fish in the tank. Coral skeletons were the decorations when marine, driftwood when freshwater.
- Foods varied from pellets to earthworms.
- With each water change, she adding less and less salts until water changes were strictly freshwater.
- As the salinity in the tank fell, the fish then spawned (I don't remember the specific gravity, or even if she tracked it all that closely, BTW; from this you can conclude they migrate upriver to spawn).
- The male fish incubated the eggs. (I thought some years after, Ginny had mentioned 21 days incubation, but I am not clear on this).

It's a very tempting project that I have often contemplated trying to repeat. Other fish just keep taking up the tank space though!

One primary concern would be the slow conversion of the biofilter cultures, too rapid of change in salinity and the bacterial populations would crash.
It shouldn't be to hard to graph out the salts recipe for each waterchange though.

Anyone up for the challenge?

Paul E. Turley

Could it be legit


Planet catfish is a pretty reliable place to get information but that is a pretty old post. I would think if it had really happened there would have been more information added to the post. You could contact their webmaster and ask I guess.
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