Could I use my Red Cherry Shrimp Tank as my Quarantine Tank?

  1. jcmguy

    jcmguy Valued Member Member

    I was thinking of getting a QT but then again I'm about to set up a 10 gallon shrimp tank. Would putting sick fish in this tank jeopardize the health of my shrimp or would it help the fish? Let me know. Thanks.

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  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    If the fish were sick & you had to treat them, some meds you can't use with shrimp or snails in the tank as it'll kill them
  3. ricmcc

    ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    Fully agreeing with the above, I would think that some quarantined fish might find shrimp just the thing to return their appetite and vigour Absent the vigour, it always works for me. Best to you, rick
  4. Dolfan

    Dolfan Fishlore VIP Member

    As stated many meds for fish are not invert safe. So this would not be ideal.