Could I put this in my tank or not?

  1. Dez The Betta Member Member

    Today I got a plastic starfish from michaels can I put it in my freshwater tank or no?
  2. RTBS Member Member

    Plastic? Make sure you rinse it thoroughly with warm tap water... That's it just throw it in and hope it sinks...
  3. Dez The Betta Member Member

    Cool thanks. It's like bendy plastic.
  4. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    Clean it very well, you may also want to see if any paint flakes off in a separate tank of water. Should be ok but I'm always a little leary of plastic painted products.
  5. Dez The Betta Member Member

    It's not painted it's like colorful plastic I don't want to harm my fish so if it could just tell me not to do it.
  6. RTBS Member Member

    Pirhana is absolutely right but that's just something to keep an eye out for and remove if u see paint flying around... During the rinse you would notice it most likely... Completely safe just keep an eye on it...