could i add more fish?

  1. d

    deon junior Valued Member Member

    hi all i currently have a 40gl tank stocked with the following
    14 zebra danios
    4 female swordtails
    2 male platys
    1 pearl gourami
    1 chinese algae eater
    1 coolie loach
    1 serpae tetra
    1 diamond tetra

    the coolie. serpae and diamond are all survivors of ich after all of their frineds died so im not getting any more of them but i wanted to know if i could add 3 common bristlenose, 6 guppies and a few cherry shrimp or if that would be overstocking
  2. RogueAgent94

    RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member


    I think that would be overstocking the tank. The shrimp would most likely be eaten anyway.
  3. Codyandme1

    Codyandme1 Valued Member Member

    I think mabey you could get away with 3 or 4 guppies but I don't know about the others.