Could I Add 2 More Guppies?


In my planted 20 gallon long tank I currently have the following fish:
2 Male Orange Sunshine Fancy Guppies.
3 Male Cobra Endler Guppies
4 Male Orchid Endlers
2 Male Blue Star Endlers.
20-ish Red Cherry Shrimp.

I am planning to keep it like this for a while, but I was wondering if adding 2 more male Lyre Tail fancy guppies at some point would be too much? I think it would be ok and not overstocked, but I would appreciate your input.


Possibly, it would depend on your filtration, water change schedule and how big the adults are in the tank...


I think you could, but that'd be it and I wouldn't add anything else.


The orchid endlers are tiny. Maybe 3/4 of an inch. The blue star endlers are maybe an inch, the cobra endlers are about an inch. The biggest ones are the 2 orange guppies, maybe 1.5 inches each.
I may just keep it this way, since they all seem to get along. Maybe just add a nerite snail at some point instead.


They might all have some growing to do as well! I think keeping it the same would be a better bet.


Dear Brand ,

In a 20 gallon long tank you can easily do :

6x Guppies
12x Endlers
20-40x Cherry Shrimps

This would be your perfect stocking. Feel free to up your stocking levels.

Happy Fish Keeping

Supreme Sawk

I agree with KeeperOfASilentWorld, you could easily have more guppies and endlers, just make sure you have enough filtration.


I don't think they are going to grow anymore. I have had the endlers for a year already and the guppies came from a friend and they too are a year old. I will let the 20 gallon tank settle in for a while and then I might add a couple of Lyre Tail guppies. I love the way they look.

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