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Cotton Wool Fungus? Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by fishynoob, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. fishynoob Well Known Member Member

    Hi so here I am with another problem!
    My largest and probably oldest platy has what could be a fungus on her lower lip. It was not there yesterday because I was taking pictures of her then I will get more pictures tonight if it is still there but I am about to go to work.
    I think it could be cotton wool fungus? My question is how do I treat it?
    I have some methalyne blue, and some anti fungus treatment. My water parameters are fine 0,0, >10 API mater test kit I did a water change on Thursday 40%.
    I think this fish may be nearing the end of her life span. Yesterday she did a flip out of the water into the fry net (and had a feast!) so maybe she hurt herself doing this which may have resulted in a weaker immune system.

    I have heard that maracyn? is the way to go but I can't get hold of this anywhere I believe its because this is an antibiotic so hard to get over here unless anyone else in the UK knows where to get it? So anymore ideas?

  2. AquariaUK Valued Member Member

    It sounds like columnaris, AKA mouth rot. I don't really know how to treat it, our PaH had some treatment labelled 'Infection and Fungus Treatment' which would get rid of the columnaris but I think that your local LFS has something else.
  3. fishynoob Well Known Member Member

    I have some generic fungus treatment if noone has any better ideas I'll use that I just got home I am going to check on her now.

    Have I done the right thing?

    I have just checked the fungus doesn't seem to have grown but I did notice another fish seem to be paling around the mouth but it doesn't look fungus-ey yet. This new fish that is showing signs is a newer addition to my tank so I am not sure if I have just not noticed this colouration before it is possible as she a is yellow and black mottled colour. They are all swimming nicely and my fiance said they ate their food well today but he isn't the most observant he is gave a "I put the food in it got ate" sort of response. Because of that I dosed the tank rather than QT in hindsight I regret that as I didn't check if it was ok for fry and snails... not too bothered about the snails I didn't invite them in but some are really big and clear and its fascinating to watch them eat and their insides.... anyway I digress.

    Is there something I should have done different or should do now?
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  4. fishynoob Well Known Member Member


    After accidentally dosing twice the amount I should have (I read it as "do every day for 7 days" not" do once and leave for 7 days!") I nearly killed my last remaining male which although I love him I am glad he showed me he wasn't feeling well more so than my other fish as this made me re-read the bottle! Turns out he and a few others had just over eaten I didn't realise I still had one pregnant female(well a close to dropping pregnant one I think I can safely say they are all pregnant to some degree!) and so when I gave them a treat they had all ready had a "treat" and then I think they got belly aches! I didn't feed them the next day and they seem fine now.

    The fungus on Rebecca has gone down remarkably well and on Bao its almost gone too.
    I used the interpet anti fungus and finrot meds. My fish are much better and the only side effect I have noticed is that due to meds and over eating more fry have escaped being eaten than before.... Looks like I am going to have to find a local fish store when these guys grow up or rethink my original stocking plans!

    It seems to be good news all round. Just wish I could work out which fish the new babies are from I didn't think any of them were close to having babies!
  5. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning,

    So glad to hear that your fish are improving!

  6. fishynoob Well Known Member Member

    Me too. These babies are smart I had trouble getting one fry to leave he breeding net so I left it in there slightly submergered came back and 4 of the more grown up fry and 4 of the tiny fry had swam in there and are now just chilling lol