Cotton Wool Fin Fungus- Guppies (shrimp In Future)

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Marie19734, May 16, 2018.

  1. Marie19734New MemberMember

    So I think one of the fish in my tank has Cotton Wool Diease (Cotton Fin Fungus). I recently got 5 guppies from a LFS that has a great reputation. I noticed 2days ago (3days after purchase) one had white puffy fungus growing on its tail fin. The next day that portion of its tail was missing, but other than that he looks fine and he still eats & swims around without issue. None of the others have shown signs of the fungus. I did a partial water change & added aquarium salt (a suggestion I found online). I am worried that the other guppies might start showing signs; also I have the guppies to help with cycling the water to turn the tank (15gal) into a shrimp tank. Should I be worried about this sticking around & making my shrimp sick when I switch the tank over? Will the fungus come back even though my fish is doing ok 2days after?
  2. finnipper59

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    Unfortunately, aquarium hobbyist have to become fish physicians without going to medical school. We have diagnose, prescribe, and then treat. Your described symptoms so far point to 2 most likely conditions. One is fin rot and the other is ich. If it's ich, raising the tank temperatures above 82 degrees and adding aquarium salt will get rid of it. If it's fin rot, you need an antibiotic as it will eventually kill the fish and spread to the other fish. I suggest treatment for the fin rot just in case. It's treatment won't harm the biological filtration bacteria.
  3. OP

    Marie19734New MemberMember

    You recommend any antibiotic specifically? I've read on other sites to not use Melafix. Also do you know if shrimp can get it?
  4. finnipper59

    finnipper59Well Known MemberMember my opinion about Melafix, you may as well give them Kool-aid. Since the problem may be bacteria, there's always a possibility that any creature in the tank is susceptible to the pathogen. Two products that I recommend for either possible problem in order of preference are Tetra Lifeguard and API Fin & Body cure. Neither will harm your biological system and completely clear the tank from ich and fin rot. I've used both. I prefer the Tetra Lifeguard. It seemed to work faster.

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