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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by zebra, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. zebraValued MemberMember

    Got 3 guppies yesterday. Watching them very closely to make sure that all was ok and it was when I went to bed.
    **Woke up, checked on guppies, one had a cotton on the corner of his mouth.
    **Now I use White, Cotton, Terry cloth Towels when whipping down the tank, any condensation on the hood, and when cleaning my hands and getting ready to feed.
    **Is it possible that this could be cotton from the terrycloth towel that may have fallen in the tank?? and not a fungus?? That he could have confused with food
    **I looked at my cheat sheet and it said that this fungus would cause him to be inactive, and lay at the botttom.
    **But to the contrary, he has eaten this am and he is very active, not acting like a sick fish at all!!!!!!!
    I don't want to medicate if I don't have to.
    Should I just keep an eye out, watch how he behaves and if the cotton gets any bigger?
    Is it contageous to other fish?
    When will I know if it is a fungus or not? and if it is cotton, how am I going to get it off his mouth?
    As always, Thanks, Sharon
  2. zebraValued MemberMember

    oh and my numbers are perfect. So no problem there.
    Thanks Again

  3. zebraValued MemberMember

    The more and more I Look, it really looks an awful lot like a small cotton ball. It has small fibers coming out of it and one that is longer, just like something that would come off of a terry cloth towel.
  4. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    If it changes by getting bigger or redder, I'd go ahead and start medicating with Maracyn I and Maracyn II. If you wait until he acts sick and stops eating, he may be too sick to treat. Let us know how he's doing. ;)
  5. zebraValued MemberMember

    Thanks Gunnie, still staying the same size.  She is Still active and giving her nibbles here and there she seems to be doing ok and hungry.
    If this is Cotton how do I get it off, will it hurt her at all??????? How long do you think before it will come off, if cotton?
    Does the medication that you recomended go by a brand name, like fugus clear or something like that, and who is it made by?  Easy to get?  How esily spread to others? (did not know if that was just the name of the antibiotic)
    Also saw another post from you, if go with the med you listed you said keep lights out and prime with something.
    Also how often before putting carbon filter back, I know if you put it back too soon it can REALLY make the water REALLY, REALLY cloudy , or best to call manufacturer.
    One question off the beaten path...Having a hard time finding Omega One foods, have looked at Chain FS, LFS, but have not tried Walmart.  Any ideas.
    Thanks, Sharon
  6. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    Maracyn I and II are the names on the packages. It should be a blue package. It is contagious and your fish should be quarantined if you have a hospital tank. Don't add the carbon back until you are done treating the fish. The Maracyn I & II will make the tank very cloudy, but that's normal for the medicine to do that. If you add the carbon before you're done medicating the fish, it will simply absorb the medication out of the tank.

    Omega One foods can be hard to find. Some PetSmarts carry them, and I think they are sold online on the PetSmart website. Most hobbyists try to buy from their local fish dealers if possible, and if you have one you like in your area, send me the name of the store and the address in a pm, and I will try and see if Omega One can make them an offer they can't refuse to start carrying Omega One. ;)
  7. zebraValued MemberMember

    I will keep on watching him.  No hospital tank, unfortuneatly no room.
    He is still acting ok though.  Like you said if it starts getting bigger or redder I will medicate.

    I checked petsmart, very limited on the Omega One at the particular store, also 0 at petco, and very limited at LFS.
    I will get the locations later and let you know.
    What is a PM?
    Thanks. Found another petsmart close by I will check to see if any better there...Looking for the Omega veggie flakes, tried HBH, Fish don't seem to like them.
  8. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    PM stands for personal message. Sorry, but on FishLore, it's called an IM. You will see to the left and near the bottom of each post a place to point your arrow that says IM. Just click on it and type your message and send it! ;)
  9. zebraValued MemberMember


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