Cory's Eye Ripped Out. Urgent.

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Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum so I apologize if this isn't the right section but this is super urgent.
So about two days ago one of my female bettas in my community tank decided that she hates my albino cory's guts and ripped out his eye from the socket.
I can't get a picture of the cory because he's so hyper. But his left eye is like kind of dangling from the socket and I want to know what to do from here. The eye has lost it's red color so it's definitely a dead eye, I was hoping it would have fallen out by now, but it's still just dangling there.

His behavior is back to normal, but I'm worried that if the eye begins to rot that it may rot part of his face too? I've never had to deal with an injury like this and I really need to know what to do before I do anything dangerous.

My Cory (which I have now named Mike Wazowski) is still in the 29 gallon with the girls and other cories. I've been keeping the water clean so that he doesn't get an infection.

Here are my questions:
- Should I take him out and quarantine him?
- Would I have to use Melafix or should I use a different medication?
- Should I sedate him and cut out his eye? (Scary and stupid, I don't wanna do that, but I don't know what to do)
- Should I just leave him in the tank and keep it clean and kinda just pray his brains don't rot?
- Is his eye just going to fall out and heal naturally?

This is my tank:
29 gallon, Heavily planted, sand substrate
5 female bettas (all of which are very peaceful, except the one monster that tore out his eye, but she doesn't bother him anymore after that)
2 amano shrimp
2 albino corydoras
1 emerald corydora (I know he should be in a shoal, i'm just holding him for a friend)

poor Mike is so so small, please help my son. I can't find any answers online.

NOTE: I know you fish forum people have a tendency to belittle people for their choice of fish. I've always kept bettas with corydoras and I am not planning to change that. Don't waste your breath. Same about the betta sorority, this is an established tank with no hierarchy, stress, or aggression issues. There have been absolutely no water quality issues or disease in this tank before.
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Welcome to FishLore
If it were me I'd move Mike to quarantine tank.
Give him some hiding places to reduce stress. Keep the water pristine to try and avoid infection. Possibly have some Methylene Blue on hand. Open wounds are prone to fungal infections. Double check that it is safe for cories.
Don't know what will happen with his eye but an injured/sick fish is more likely to get picked on.

Good luck, I hope he gets better.
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I agree to move Mike. I'd also move the the rest of the corys to their own tank. I know you don't want to hear it but you are putting the other corys at risk if you leave them in there.
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I hope you find that the people here on this forum aren't tbe kind to belittle or be rude to you, ive always found them a better community than that. We are all fishkeepers too c:

Cories are by far my favourite fish so I feel how worried you must be! quarantine tank is by far the best first move, and a sedation is not nessacary as it probably provides more risk than the eye itself. Also see if you can get a few more hiding places into your main tank for the other cories, that last thing you want is the cory you are holding for a friend to get injured aswell.

I wish him the best of luck.
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Can you get Esha 2000?
And rehome the bettas grrrrr
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Sounds absolutely horrible. So sorry for your little friend. Good luck with the rest.
Sarcasm Included
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If the eye is dangling out of the socket, I suggest cutting it away as it shouldn't require more than scissors, gloves, and a lot of patience. Use a Qtip to dab Methylene blue on the eye socket and put him in a quarantine tank. Follow up with 5 times concentrated methylene blue baths twice daily for a week and he should be fine, well other than being short an eye.
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Albinos are pretty darn blind in the beginning so he should be fairly used to scuffling around for food C:
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Cool guys! It means a lot to me how nice you all are, I'm so used to being bullied on forums, I've grown such a tough skin.
You know I may have to remove that one female betta because she just randomly decided to turn nasty this last week, I'm not sure what happened she used to be the most shy.
I think Mikey might have been her target because he is the smallest thing in the tank perhaps? But I'll move him to quarantine today and pick up some new methylene blue (misplaced it)

I'll give yall an update eventually!

Btw, the other cories are much larger than Mike wazowskI and the bettas are actually afraid of them so I am not worried about their eyeballs. In the months I've had this tank I've never seen them get nipped at. And Mike is new, I guess he was just the victim
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Albinos are pretty darn blind in the beginning so he should be fairly used to scuffling around for food C:

albinos aren't blind, but Corys can live without an eye.

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