Corydoras With Eye Problem Help

Discussion in 'Corydoras' started by Pat93, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Pat93Valued MemberMember

    Water is 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 10 nitrate
    This little guy came from the pet store as you see him,
    His other eye is perfectly fine.
    I just want to make sure this is a past injury healing and not a contagious sort of problem (he was already with them all at together at the fish store anyway so no real need to quarantine)

    I made a post about him when I first got him and was advised that it would be fine as long as nothing changes

    I noticed one day it got a little cloudy and maybe a little puffy but returned to the way it looks in the pic shortly thereafter with the only action on my part being netting him out of the tank to get a better look at him.

    I treated the tank with paragaurd for three days and just Incase anyone is wondering I noticed no signs of stress or skin problems in my scaleless friends and everyone readily ate their food for all three days in fact they all seem to be in good or better health since the treatment

    I chose to treat because I discovered my local store does not medicate their fish for diseases or parasites when they get their shipments

    But this post is about my little Cory friend, I’m just trying to inform you of the conditions he has been through. I would copy and paste those emergency fish sickness questions but this is not an emergency as everyone in the tank seems fine:) any thoughts or advice is appreciated:)
  2. A201Well Known MemberMember

    That looks like an injury to me. Bacteria infections in the eyes usually cause the entire eye to be milky white & swollen (Pop Eye).
  3. Pat93Valued MemberMember

    Any idea on how long it will take to heal? Should I remove him from main tank? I don’t think popeye is contagious but I already treated the whole tank anyway.
  4. A201Well Known MemberMember

    It could take several weeks to totally heal up. Chances are the Cory will be blind in that eye. IMO no need to remove the Cory.