Corydoras dying.. HELP

Rick bose
My siphon pipes head was broken. Earlier no fish could pass through the pipe. The complete broad end of the pipe had been broken and now there's only the pipe, no broad end or any protection. Due to ongoing lockdown here I can't buy a new one. Today during siphoning one of corydoras got stuck inside the siphon pipe which I even didn't notice. It travelled all the way through the pipe and got itself in the opening of the valve. One thing to tell you beforehand that I live in India and here the medications that I read here aren't found, some of them that can be found here are too expensive for Indians. Anyway I don't have any of the seachem or the common meds that are suggested here. I have some meds but they are from India.
Now the siphon pipe I use does have sharp plastic valves in between. The fish got stuck in such a valve and when I saw water has stopped, I didn't realise some fish can stop there. I pressurized more and more to get the water siphoned. Finally I inspected the cause and saw this. I immediately took him out and put him back in the tank. But there was a gap of some 3-4 mins in between befoe I discovered him but I think since the pipe was wet, he was surviving. But he is severely injured. The soft portion beneath his head between the pectoral fins is tucked inside. After releasing him to the main tank he was floating upside down for some time, then slowly started to move with great difficulty, then was moving downward but shakily, then was trying to move again shakily. This went for some time. After that it moved downward and settled at the bottom. The rosy barbs started picking on him. So I moved him to a bucket that is currently housing 2 baby rosy barbs that were given birth a month ago. The cory was injured but looked he would recover. He was now able to move without much difficulty though he was not. The bucket didn't any heather or filter nor any air pump. I don't need heaters except summer since I live in tropical area. I did water change frequently to avoid the use of filter. The bucket has some ceramic rings though from established tanks. Anyway this happened 10 hours ago. Now as I went there his condition was severely worsened and looking like he would die at any moment. 10 hours ago he could move without much difficulty but now he can barely move. I moved him again to 2.5 litre glass container and gave him 5 drops of the med I have. The recommended dosage is 10ml per 50 litre. Now what?

I don't if anyone can understand this from the pics but lower part of the body just below the head is tucked inside.
Often if they get sucked into a siphon, stuff inside the fish gets broken. There may not be much you can do in the long run.
I'd stick to clean water / waterchanges and would only treat if it survives and gets somekind of infection. They're hard little buggers.
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