Corydoras And Wcmm Down In Short Time, Need Suggestions For What To Fix Help

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    Well, I just posted a happy post about the virtues of my areas petco, but now I am posting something sadder, In 4 days, I have lost 2 fish, a Panda Cory on monday, and a (very) young WCMM about 20 minutes ago, both from the LFS World of Wet Pets. I had heard good things about them, but so far the only three fish I have ever lost prematurely are all from there. I have no clue what the heck is going wrong with my tank, but I need help, because I have been continouosly checking my water before at all the LFSs and chains in the area, and all have come up showing my cycling complete, nice large amounts of nitrites (Comparatively, within safe ranges) and with a PH around 7.2 to 7.6 or so. I will say the sequence of events, for all that might help with...
    Jan. 2 2019, I get the tank up and running, adding in several java ferns in with the fake plants and rockwork
    Jan. 5 2019, I stock with 6 WCMM for a fish in cycle from World of Wet Pets, 3 are normal in store, 3 are from adoption tank for schoolers, 1 is an elderly male, 1 is a quite young (though not fry, maybe 3 months old) one, and 1 appears normal.
    evening of feb. 1 2019, having checked with pretty much every fish department and LFS in the area, my cycle appears mostly complete, I pickup 6 panda corydoras from World of Wet Pets.
    early feb. 3 2019, one panda dies (Possibly Ich?), and water, apparently re-cycling?, is deemed too high in ammonia to replace (Though it was past the guarantee anywho), although they offered 2 WCMMs, as they knew I already had a school and that they are a hardy fish, however, I did not take the risk of losing yet more fish. No other fish appear distressed
    Feb. 17 2019, 2nd panda dies (As far as I can tell, I have no clue what it was, maybe bloat, though in my opinion if anything I feed a little less than I should), I do a 60% water change in addition to my normal water changes that I do 10 - 20% changes once every two or so days. one panda begins gulping at surface for around 4 hours, however calms down and returns to normal behavior by the next day. Nothing out of ordinary. I have water checked several places, results show nothing different than the usual, I put it down to a one off, and get him out within probably 2 hours of death, and all appears normal.
    5:50 pm Feb. 21 2019, youngest WCMM noticed to be foraging at bottom, away from school, however they normally will break away from the school occasionally to forage for a while, then return to the school, so I thought nothing of it
    8:18 pm, releasing black neons into tank after acclimating them for awhile, I realize only the 4 store age WCMM are schooling, find the elderly male nibbling on a piece of cory food, then see the young one dead flopped on a rock, I have no clue what is going on, please help, is it me, bad luck, the store, or something else? My water was perfectly fine as of yesterday afternoon. Note that I did originally use a cycle starter, which was somewhat effective, though it did speed up the cycle.

    - Dino​

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    Years ago, I bought 12 cory's all from the same place, they were all the same age. Within a few days I lost three. Within another week three more died. The rest are all doing just fine after about 6 years...I still don't know why those poor things died. All I can figure is that some fish have stronger immune systems than others and can fight off bacteria and stress better than others. It's always sad to hear about fish dying, I hope the others are doing okay.
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    I had heard that cories are known to die for unknown reasons, or just stress, shortly after being released into the tank, however what I really want to know is how the heck a WCMM went from healthy to dead in two and a half hours. Also, I forgot to mention tank size, tank is a 36g bowfront, inhabitants are 4 panda cories, 5 black neons added after the fact, and 6 (now 5) WCMM.

    - Dino
  4. Dinoknight Valued Member Member

    Also, do you know if The World of Wet Pets is a decent place to get fish?

    - Dino
  5. gsong321 Valued Member Member

    We don't have one in our area so I don't know. I've seen fish die from stress due to the handling they received while being netted in store. I actually had couple die, that I knew wouldn't make it...I even told the manager that I would be back and sure enough! The person netting the fish had no experience, she was trying to net a cory with a single net and ended up chasing them all over the took several minutes to net each one. I knew they would not make it...they did not!:sour:
  6. Dinoknight Valued Member Member

    Nah, They were netted fine. I think it might well have been bad luck.

    - Dino