Cory Sucker Fish Changing Color Question

Discussion in 'Corydoras' started by Buradimari, Jan 27, 2019.

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    A few years ago, we bought four cories from PetSmart, two green and two albino. Both green cories turned dark gray. Both albinos turned a deep pink, which I attribute to the dye in the flakes and the shrimp I give them (I heard shrimp turns things pink). One of the albinos was killed by a tetra we used to have, so we're down to three, but they never changed color again. They changed color fast and stopped.
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    Color changing in armored catfish such as Cory Catfish is usually an indication of stress or blending into their environment. Faded color would usually indicate stress or sickness, or blending into light substrate. If you have a dark substrate then it could be that they are trying to blend into their environment to avoid becoming prey. Since you have them in very small numbers, the darkening of colors would be their only means of security. In the wild, corys shoal together by the hundreds, so it is ingrained into their DNA that they must have security in numbers.

    Otherwise, vibrant colors are usually an indication of good health, comfort, and a good diet.

    Although I don't think diet affects their coloration too much. Albino creatures are described as lacking any pigmentation, so in the case of Albino Corys they would have white bodies with some pink in the more translucent areas such as the gills and belly where their blood and organs are closer to that surface. A diet that is high in natural colorants containing astaxanthin and beta-carotene like in krill, brine shrimp, and bloodworms may cause yellowing in white fish, although it's hard to tell as corys munch on microscopic prey they find in the substrate so this occurs naturally for them already.
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    Bottom dwellers will often alter their colour to try & blend in with the substrate so if your substrate is the one in your avatar that could be the reason why the green ones darkened, & yes I do believe feeding shrimp a lot could have contributed to the albinos colour though they can often look quite pinkish anyway.
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    Yes, we have only had dark substrate until this month.
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    Here’s the same Cory on different substrate, healthy as can be, but this is how drastic it can look.

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