Cory possibly losing some fin



I am just trying to get some other opinions about my bronze Cory's tail fin. Is it correct that there should be some webbing at the very end? If so, I do not see any on my Cory. Is that a big reason for concern? I do have a gravel substrate, which I know can be irritating for catfish. I also have two mollies.

My water parameters are as follows:
pH= 7.8
Nitrite= 0
Nitrate= 0
Ammonia= .25
Temp= 77.5

I have a filter that is supposed to remove ammonia that has been in for 1 week. Thank you so very much for ANY feedback.


Your cory looks good to me but it seems your molly might have some issues. Hopefully it is just the lighting that makes it look like its body isn't straight and the tail fin looks pretty ragged.


I would try a softer substrate if you think it may be impacting long term health. But if the substrate doesn’t have many sharp or rough edges, it should be fine.

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