Cory Piggyback

  1. p

    poefox Well Known Member Member

    My corydoras seem to actually play games together. They follow each other around sometimes, and sometimes do this funny thing where they will dogpile on each other and then swim apart. If one starts poking around the plant leaves another will come and join in.

  2. Butterfly

    Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    yes aren't they the funniest things? I have 10 in a twenty-nine gallon tank and they all crowd under one sword plant leaf to sleep, even if they have to sleep in layers. then when food hits the bottom they just explode out and swim all over the bottom eating. They even play follow the leader ;)

  3. Marc

    Marc Well Known Member Member

    Mine are plump from overeating :D They used to play alot, now they just eat eat eat! Not lethargic, just gluttonous :D
  4. s

    slider Initiate Member

    Mine search for their food in formation ;D ;D
  5. R

    RoboDude Member Member

    I feel sorry for my Cory. After the death of Yogurt Covered Raisin, Macedemia Nut is so lonely, and Honker even picks on him!!!! Luckily, I'm getting rid of Honker today. I may get more Cories. Also, what you said about them all bumping and swimming away, I saw some Albinos do that yesterday at my LFS. Cute little things, aren't they! Also, I love your tank and Cories, Slider! Like I said, I love Cories!
  6. OP

    poefox Well Known Member Member

    Mine are peleatus corys, they are sort of spotted like a jaguar, with dark broad spots. I nearly lost one at the store, it clung to the little box thing they put the fish in initially and escaped the bag. It was only because I glanced in to see how everyone was doing that I realized I was missing a fish. Clever thing.
  7. i

    inari Well Known Member Member

    they are mischievious little buggers mine didn't sleep hardly at all last night i dont' think they were too busy running around the tank picking on my Bamboo shrimp is was trying to eat an algea wafer that no one had touched for a few hrs it was entertaining to say the least