Cory Or Nerite Eggs!!? Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by BusterBot28, Apr 13, 2019.

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    Those are cory eggs congrats :) , nerite eggs look like sesame seeds

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    Think they are Cory-eggs.
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    What should I do with them? There is a pearl gourami and bows mani rainbows in the tank and I don’t want them to eat them!!!
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    Really? They look so white and crunchy. Lol
    EDIT...was on my phone, on iPad with bigger screen does look different. I’m sorry OP!!!
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    Should I scrape them into a breeder net or something?
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    Definitely cory eggs.
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    I added a link above that has some tips, I don’t use breeder nets for eggs as other fish can still get at them.
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    Busterbot28, the information that Coradee has posted about raising cory fry is fantastic! If you follow her advice, you'll surely have good luck, I believe! Her post was invaluable to me when I raised up my first few batches of fry. I had app. 25 fry the first time, about 40 the second time, and about 57 the last time I deliberately kept eggs to raise up. I lost only a couple eggs to fungus each time (maybe 3-4 at very most), and only lost 2 or 3 fry, usually in the first few days after they hatched.

    The main thing I did differently, was that I had a separate stand-alone container, not one floated in the main tank. I'm in central FL, so it's warm here, I don't need to use heaters in the tank, so the water was the same temp in my little 'hatching container' as in the tank itself. (room temp of the house 'regulates' the water temp, so it's pretty constant) Kept an airstone going in my 'hatching box' at all times.

    I used one of those little plastic storage boxes - roughly the size of a large shoebox? I wasn't confident about growing baby brine shrimp, so I used Hikari First Bites. Per Coradee's instructions, I didn't feed the first few days, then I'd give them a bit of the food, wait about an hour / 90 minutes, then used the turkey baster to 'siphon' out all excess & clean up as much goop as I possibly could - pretty much doing a fairly heavy water-change in the process - the water does get quite messy pretty quick with that fine-powder food! Tried to do that routine 3 times a day, but on a few days, only managed it twice. Even when I'd removed all visible food particles & 'vacuumed' their little box as well as possible with the baster, there was still some biofilm & teeny-tiny bits that they could eat, apparently, as I'd see them scrubbing along the bottom & sides of the container all the time.

    The fry all grew very quickly & other than those very few that died right after hatching, I never lost a single one! Once they were large enough, I just put them back into the main tank, as I only have cories & one bristlenose pleco in there, so no worries of anything eating them, once they were past the teeny-tiny stage. It was such a fascinating wonderful process, seeing the little ones grow! I would have loved to have kept on doing it, but after those first few times, it seemed I must have "filled the demand" for cories in my little town, as I started having a lot of trouble finding anyone to take them anymore. So, I don't try to raise them anymore now, even though my girls are constantly laying eggs, as I don't have a good place for the babies to go....

    I almost certainly wouldn't have ended up with all those babies, if not for Coradee's excellent post!!! I cannot recommend her advice enough!!!
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    It turns out that my pepper Corys are breeding! They have done it twice this week! I got some moss from my creek and put it on one of my driftwood to give them more places to hide them and more for the babies to hide. Thank you all so much for your help!