Cory eggs!

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    So I caught my corys spawning and retrieved as many eggs as I could find, 6 in total. The first two I got I watched them lay, and those 2 have a small black spot on them. The other 4 don't. Here a (craappy) picture of the first 2:

    I've retrieved eggs before but with no luck, any advice for hatching these ones? What should I be looking for these next few days? What are signs of fertility? They're false julii corys if it matters. I'm keeping them in a net dug into the substrate as a makeshift breeder net (my other one has a bunch of guppy fry), all still attached to the leaf/moss they were laid on. Any advice at all is appreciated!
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    Jowenbra Valued Member Member

    Thanks, anybody know what the black dots are and why only 2 of the eggs have them? Any other tips are appreciated too!