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Hi all! I’m new here and firstly want to say hi!!!
My name is Ceta and I’m a 41yr old lady from the UK,I’ve recently returned to the freshwater hobby after 20yrs out,I currently have a 225litre aquarium for my females,a 135litre fluval M90 for my males,a 58litre for my pair of corys,a 28litre hospital tank currently treating 2 female guppies for dropsy,a 24litre tank for a small group of very small male guppies that weren’t coping well in the main males tank but I’m hoping to reintroduce them soon,and a 10litre hospital tank currently treating a male guppy for severe dropsy (it went from not there to severe dropsy overnight,I’m treating with esha2000 as I’ve had success with a small female with this but it’s not looking good sadly).
I only use seachem prime in my main 3tanks,treatments are usually done in hospital tanks,every day 100litres is measured out and put into a huge plastic storage box,then the waters treated with 2.5ml of seachem prime and a heater is attached to the wall of the box and I leave it overnight before using so it’s heated and treated and ready to go.
I love my fish so much and as I’m severely disabled and wheelchair bound I love watching them all!

sooooo,I have a problem,I have a pair of albino corys that I’ve had for around 6mths now,I’ve seen them doing the T-dance several months ago,they’re very close and always together,less than a month ago I was surprised one morning,I first noticed that the water was cold because the heater had been forgotten to be turned back on after atank clean and WC the night before,the cold of the water had resulted in tons of eggs all over the tank,I mean they were on the glass walls,the black sand floor,on the plants leaves and she had absolutely plastered both filters too (I use the filter that came with the tank on the front right corner with the spray bar above water level to give the rain effect for the corys,and a fluval U2 on the back left corner with the Venturi on so it oxygenates the water pluskeeps good circulation for the corys),so as many people do I rushed to google what to do with Cory eggs,I painstakingly removed all the eggs,there must have been over 150eggs,I put them in the DIY egg tumbler I made to hatch brine shrimp eggs in,but they didn’t hatch after a week of this,by then she had spawned AGAIN! So this time I followed another Cory egg hatching video and put the eggs into a separate tank (at that time my little 10litre was empty so I used that) and put good water circulation although I had to put a stocking over the filter so they didn’t get sucked in because the air filter wasn’t giving enough circulation according to that video,but again they didn’t hatch,and again she spawned,so this time I tried another videos advice and put the eggs into alidded pot and added 5drops of hydrogen peroxide and changed the water 5times a day,but again nothing! I’ve even tried the same method but using half a drop of esha but still nothing by the end of the week except eggs that are going/gone fungus,
My aunty said she was told that I have to leave the eggs in the tank with the corys cause the male has to fertilise the eggs after spawning! Is this right,or am I doing something wrong? She’s a great little spawner as she’s spawning like every 4-6days,if that,and that’s WITH the heater on! It’s like that one time the heater was forgotten to be put back on just flipped a switch in her,she literally hasn’t stopped since,only problem is the corys seem to like to eat their eggs too,I only have this one pair of albino corys,they were young when I had them so I’m sure I have a male and a female so I just don’t understand why they’re not hatching,none at all!
Please please can anyone advise me on this please,she laid another load yesterday morning and more again today!!! Even as I’m gently removing eggs she’s laying more! I’ve tried getting those but they’re so soft and squidgy like jelly so I’ve left them to toughen a little first.
I’ve seen loads of things about how the eggs must be fertilised first but how is this done? And is there anything I can do to help them get it on? I’m just wondering if this could be the problem as people have videos all over YouTube and it seems that no matter how they hatch the eggs they hatch,and me,I can’t get them to hatch,like none at all!
I didn’t plan on breeding corys but after watching soooo many videos of them hatching etc I can’t help but really want some,they’re awesome little fellas and sooo cute!
So please guys,if anyone can help me figure out what’s going on,why none of my corys eggs are hatching even though I seem to have lucked out with my female as she’s a great little spawner,she definitely keeps me busy,this is why the corys are in the 58litre 2ft aquarium because it’s basically the only tank I can reach into from my wheelchair,I can’t help but wonder if it could be a quantity over quality kinda issue though? I don’t know if that’s a thing with Cory egg spawning,but hopefully you very kind and knowledgeable,experienced people could advise me or help me figure out what’s going on and what I can do do fix any issues,I do have the api freshwater master test kit and there’s no issues showing there,but my female recently had a white growth on her dorsal fin,research revealed it was a type of cancerous lump,I combo treated for just over a month with esha2000 and esha exit and eventually it shrunk and finally disappeared,I continued treatment for 3days after it disappeared just to be sure and so far it’s not returned,but could such an extensive course of treatment make either the male or female infertile??? I couldn’t separate her from her mate as I’ve honestly never seen such a bond in any species of fish,so both endured the course of treatment,I could live with this though if it’s the case,because I’d rather have my beautiful little girl still alive than have Cory fry that I hadn’t planned on anyway (although of course it would be a great experience to see such tiny corys and watch them grow) but I’m still thankful she’s luckily survived that lump because sadly it seems not many corys do survive it,she’s a strong girl,but I didn’t think about that until now,so if anyone knows if this could be the issue please let me know,I’m going to message esha labs and see if they can tell me if this could be what’s going on here.
I’ll update as soon as I hear from esha or if someone replies,I actually feel very spooked right now.
Thank you all so very much for taking the time to read my post,if I’ve put this in the wrong section please could admin relocate it and offer some advice please as this is my first time using a forum,I read lots of forums but I basically have no idea how to navigate a forum as a forum user which is so much different to googling and reading forum threads,so any advice you could give would be really helpful and appreciated,I will google and try to research how to navigate and use a forum correctly,so if I’ve got anything at all wrong please, please accept my deepest apologies,I’m just very worried and scared for my fish,thinking I’m doing something terribly wrong so I literally just rushed to try to get some advice or help with this.

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful week!
Please stay safe and god bless you all!


Hi Ceta,

Are the eggs turning opaque? If so I wonder if it could be fungus?
I’ve had my Corys lay eggs but have never tried to actually hatch them so I’m not much help here. I think I’ve heard some people add a small amount of malachite green to ward off fungal infections.


My corys have spawned several times as well, and this is only my second time having a successful growing of the fry. In my experience cory eggs and fry are very, VERY sensitive, and just the process of trying to take them out can easily damage them.

So, I stopped removing the eggs, and a month later I had a few surprise fry. It’s nowhere near as many as artificially raising them SHOULD get you, but it is something. If there’s lots of places for the fry to hide, some should make it to adulthood.

Also, the T position is when corys get fertilized. So when you see eggs, they have already been fertilized.
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Megaanemp said:
Hi Ceta,

Are the eggs turning opaque? If so I wonder if it could be fungus?
I’ve had my Corys lay eggs but have never tried to actually hatch them so I’m not much help here. I think I’ve heard some people add a small amount of malachite green to ward off fungal infections.
Thank you so much for your reply megaanemp,funnily enough she had spawned MORE eggs when I turned their lights off (I only have lights on for 9hrs a day,although I’m considering reducing it to 8hrs a day),anyhoo lol I’ll attach photos of the eggs,the eggs in the pot are what she had spawned between yesterday morning till around 3pm,the photos of the eggs on the tank glass are what she’s spawned since in a 6hr timeframe.
To be honest sweetie they have a white shape inside the egg itself,after a day or so they start going a pale beige colour then stay like that until they go fuzzy around a week after spawning,I’ve tried using esha 2000 which has methylene blue and malachite green,and I’ve separately tried hydrogen peroxide as advised by a YouTube video but nothing seems to work.
Right now I have around 150 eggs from the last 24hrs,I’d just love at least one to hatch at some point. I know they’re still both quite young too so I have been playing with the idea of possibly getting another breeding pair who could hopefully show them what they need to do,although I’d have to get a larger tank than a 2ft 58litre tank for that idea,in the meantime though I’m going to set an alarm for every 3-4hrs to change the water in the eggs pot,which is right now literally rammed full of so many eggs,I’m really finding it difficult to tell if they’re actually fertile eggs or not though so I’m afraid I’m really just not sure at all sweetie :/
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Sadly still no luck,I mean my female is spawning over 100 eggs every week but no fry,I tried leaving them in but the corys had eaten lots of them overnight and the rest that were luckily hidden in the corners of the glass by a plant ended up with fungus on the 4th day so I had to remove them
I’m literally at a loss,I really want some fry.
I did read on another site that when the corys are young that it takes them time and practice to get it right,I don’t know if that’s true or not but the male and female were bought together and although I don’t know their age then they were very small,I’ve had them around 8mths now and they’re both much larger now and the females been spawning weekly for around 2months.
Someone even said to add a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide to the eggs to stop fungus?
I have melafix,pimafix or esha 2000 but not sure which would be best to use,I’ve tried them all in the past but the eggs still didn’t hatch,it’s like there’s a white thing inside the egg but they just don’t go brownish like I’ve seen on google pics,I’m racking my brains trying to figure out what’s going wrong but I have no idea.
But if it’s meant to happen it will happen...right?


I have the same species of corydoras. i have had success a few times. I have not done anything different to what you are doing. However.

My females lay 18 -20 eggs in one spot. Then go back to the male and dance around for a while, They do the tee position and she stops on the floor for 30 seconds before swimming off the a leaf that has been cleaned and lays another 20 or so eggs.
Ten minutes later the tee position again and then after 30 seconds to a minute she puts the eggs in another spot.

I am seeing to many eggs in your photo.

More information.
I use ether my fingers or a razor blade to move eggs. They are soft at first but are hard enough to move after a minute..

My PH is anywhere between 7.5 to 7.9
My GH is low around 70-80 ppm.

Now you have seen what happens with cold water you can trigger it again.

I have done water changes of 40% that are 9 degrees centigrade cooler. Sorry I don’t know what that is in Fahrenheit. Do so at your own risk.

My biggest concern is the number of eggs.

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