Cory Cats For Kuhli Loaches?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Colt Frost, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Colt FrostWell Known MemberMember

    Can I change the Loaches I was going to get for Cory cats?

  2. PhilosoraptorNew MemberMember

    It depends... What size tank? What temperature? What other tank mates?

  3. ChiefBrodyValued MemberMember

    Kinda apples and oranges

  4. Colt FrostWell Known MemberMember

    Well I'm getting two tanks. The one that I'm going to start with is a 46.8 Gallon. And the fish in it I was thinking 2 Angelfish, 1 Electric blue acara, and about 10 Kuhli loaches or Cory cats. And then when I get the money I'm going to buy hopefully a 75 Gallon tank. And I'm going to add 1 more EBA, 3 Platies, 2 Keyhole cichlids, and 2-5 more Loaches or Corys.
  5. PhilosoraptorNew MemberMember

    Loaches and Corydoras really fill the same ecological niche in the aquarium: they are scavengers. It really depends on personal preference; Kuhli Loaches look pretty cool but Corydoras are fun to watch in the aquarium. Both should live in schools and should have a sandy substrate to get the most out of them. What are you looking for?
  6. Colt FrostWell Known MemberMember

    I was just really looking for Filler fish and those two options seemed pretty good. I forgot to mention that I'm getting a Clown pleco in the first tank. Would that effect anything with the Loaches or corys? And I think I'm going to go with the corys.
  7. PhilosoraptorNew MemberMember

    Clown Plecos will get along equally with Corydoras or Loaches as long as you give the Pleco hiding spaces and driftwood to munch on. The good thing about Corydoras is that there are many different species, each having a fairly unique color pattern and temperature preference. Do you know what kind of Corydoras you want?
  8. Colt FrostWell Known MemberMember

    I don't know, what kinds like warmer water? I was looking at some and they all said that they like cooler. But with the angels and EBAs they need 79-82 are there any that like that range of water temp?
  9. PhilosoraptorNew MemberMember

    The best warm-water Corydoras in that temperature range would be C. adolfoi and C. sterbai. Both are pretty neat, though Adolfo Corys are generally harder to find in fish stores.
  10. Colt FrostWell Known MemberMember

    Ok, Thank you!

    My LFS doesn't have sterbai or adolfoi, they just have some labeled Corydora Catfish. And what do the Corys and Loaches do besides look cool? I found the name of the corys by calling the store. The scientific name is Brochis splendens/Emerald Catfish as he called them. Would those be okay in my tank?
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  11. PhilosoraptorNew MemberMember

    Brochis could work if you really wanted to; just keep in mind that Brochis Catfish will grow to about 5 inches in length and should still be in schools of at least half a dozen. They would probably look cool in your 75 gallon dream tank.

    Now as for the purpose for Corydoras and Loaches, I could go into detail but there isn't too much to say beyond the fact that they make great scavengers in your tank. Both Corydoras and Loaches require a sandy substrate to dig around in and stimulate natural behavior. I believe that Kuhli Loaches will actually burrow into the substrate and provide decent substrate circulation (this prevents detritus from getting stuck in the substrate and causing ammonia and phosphate leaks). In addition, Kuhli Loaches will eat pest snails in the aquarium. I just love Corydoras because they swim in close schools and have really fun personalities (like a litter of puppies). It is really though personal preference on which fish you want.
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  12. Racing1113Well Known MemberMember

    What kind of substrate will you have? I ask this because I got cories to "clean up" but didn't realize before I got them that they needed to be fed their own food and not just live off of leftover food at the bottom of the tank. After I realized that and started giving them their own pellets/wafers, I ended up having to clean my tank just as often if not more because of the disintegrated pellets/wafers falling in cracks in the gravel. Once I switched to sand everything worked itself out but while I had gravel it completely defeated the purpose of having them be the clean up crew.
  13. Colt FrostWell Known MemberMember

    I am using sand because the EBAs like to dig. And the filter I have works better with sand.
  14. Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    Yes you could do cories instead of kuhli loaches.

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