Cory Catfish Behavior

  1. 2714fish Member Member

    I have had my two Julli Cory's for about 2 months now. They have been just fine. They have found their food fast, they have been digging around in the ground, and they seem to be happy. But, these past few days they have been acting a little funny? They haven't found their food as fast and they have been sitting around more not doing much. Then, when they do move, the move in quick fast burst and don't even see thief food. Also sometimes they will go up and down the glass over and over again. Then they will swim back and forth along the glass. They don't always do this but i was just wondering if something was wrong.

    Thanks for the help,
  2. :) fatcatfish (: Well Known Member Member

    Sounds like they're glass surfing which is what many fish do when they are stressed. Ideally Cories should be in groups of 6+ which may be the reason for their strange behaviour.
  3. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    Welcome to the forum. :)

    Corys need to be in groups of 6+ of their own species. They're probably stressed because they're not, assuming there isn't also a water quality issue.

    fatcatfish, so do Kuhlies btw. :)
  4. 2714fish Member Member

    Is it a problem if i can't get more because i can't so will it end up being a problem
  5. happygolucky Well Known Member Member

    If you consider stressed fish a problem, then yes it will be bad (often leads to premature death just because they can't handle stress for forever). Why can't you get more? They aren't expensive fish if that's what you're worried about...
  6. 2714fish Member Member

    My tank is not big enough and it is a relatively new tank and me and my parents are not exactly ready to get a bigger tank but it is likely to be in the future (1-1.5 years)
  7. happygolucky Well Known Member Member

    What size tank? If you can't up your school because of tank size, I assume the cories aren't fit for your tank, no matter how few there are.
  8. 2714fish Member Member

    20g an i got it last christmas. This Christmas is the most likely time i will upgrade or my birthday (march)
  9. happygolucky Well Known Member Member

    What's your stock that is preventing you from having more cories? A 20g can hold a school of 6 cories. Christmas isn't exactly soon, and March is a long ways away.
  10. 2714fish Member Member

    Sorry 15g. 2 full grown glofish, 4 neon tetras, 5 amano shrimp, and a lot of plants

    And the two cory cats of course

    Will they be able to survive until i can upgrade my tank?

    The upgrade could come sooner too. Probably near the end of summer break (beginning of September). The upgrade would be to a 29 gallon.
  11. happygolucky Well Known Member Member

    I'm sure they would survive....but that's not the point. Your fish are stressed from having a small school, and while they may not die from that for a few months, it can easily put a toll on their life expectancy. You don't want to rehome them (why?) or up their school, so they will just be stressed until you can get the bigger tank and up their school.

    BTW, your glofish and neon tetra schools need to be 6+ too, and a 20g is normally the minimum size for them. I think your fish will survive if you can upgrade in September, but it just isn't the best thing for them.
  12. 2714fish Member Member

    Ok thanks for all the info
  13. 2714fish Member Member

    What would be an adequate fish stok of (Neon Tetras, Glo fish Tetras, and Julli CoryCatfish) for a ten gallon at the moment.
  14. happygolucky Well Known Member Member

    Those fish are too active for a 10g, and 3 schools of fish will be overstocking by quite a bit. If you get a 20g instead, you could do 6-8 juliis, 6 neons, and 6 glo fish. This would fully stock your tank.

    BTW, make a new thread for this. You'll get more responses.