Cory Babies...

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About three or four days before my surgery my Albino Aeneus Corys laid eggs. The morning I went I noticed there were wigglers. I really didn't expect them to survive but about thirty survived being ignored. They are finally big enough to take pictures although not enough to see many details. will keep the thread up dated with pics as they grow.
First is one of the moms and dads, there are six altogether and I think they all laid eggs
then a couple of the fry.
Joe G
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Congregations, they look cute.
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Thanks, their still really small and hard to get a good picture.
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wow! congratulations! what a great surprise for's their welcome home gift to you, Carol


p.s. will you keep them?
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Probably keep some of them. can always send them to live with Dino LOL
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;D Cory eggs have hatched. I have seen 1 baby for sure so far in the tank. There were like 40 eggs so I hope more than one is in there but then again it is better than none. It is soooo small and hard to see I am sure glad that I took out a lot of the gravel so I can keep an eye on them. Now Is there anything special that I should feed them or is the flake food and shrimp pellets good enough for them????
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They are so tiny that it's relly hard to feed them. There is probably enough stuff in the gravel for a few days then you could start feeding them HikarI first bites. It's really hard to keep the tank as clean as you need to with gravel. Now comes the fun part, you need to start doing 50% water changes EVERYDAY for at least 4-6 weeks. The gravel also needs to be vacuumed. Vacuum into a bucket or something you can see into so if you vacuum any fry up you can rescue them Have Fun!!! and keep us posted
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Ok did my first water change today. How scary, thought I sucked them up a couple of times. I have 2 babies in the tank. One still has a eggs sac attached that I can see. I have very little gravel in the tank so is easier to see them, don't think I could have done it with more gravel too scary. I made it through though ;D ;D Thanks for the help Carol I will keep you posted and let you all know how things progress.

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Congrats skippi!!!!!!
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I'm jealous of you, Ive been hoping my sories might breed, but so far no luck, I actually sort of think they are all female, but anyway, congratulations!
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good job skippi!! They won't need feeding until the egg sacs are completely gone. Keep up the water changes.
I can't begin to tell you how many I've vacuumed fry up and then had to use a turkey baster to suck them back up and put them back in their tank. That's why I said to siphon your water into a bucket
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Thanks All. I am really happy I hope I can keep them healthy and can't wait for them to grow up. While cleaning the tank today I found another one so I now have three. ;D I was so excited that I then got too close to one and sucked it up. god that wasn't funny, but I got it back into the tank. I always keep the water in my bucket until I find all of them in the tank and make my boyfriend make sure he sees them too.

Butterfly - What are first bites? is it just powder form of flake food?
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First bites is made by Hikari. It's a powdered fish food for tiny fry.
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update on babies..... still have 2 babies.. getting big and cute. have been feeding them flake food that has been crushed..
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Congrats!! Glad their doing well. If you have any shrimp pellers they will eat them now. About one a day between the two. You will have to do gravel vacs if you use the pellets though.
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Aww, they're so cute! How do you feed them?
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When they were really small they ate frozen brine shrimp and tiny bites by Hikari.
Now they are two months old they are sharing a 30G rubbermaid tub with 79 baby bristlenose and share their veggies. Also they love shrimp pellets, flakes and blood worms.
Cory fry tend to grow very slowly but they are finally big enough to give some away. Gave two away last night, hated to do it but they went to a good home.
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I saw that one of the parents is a albino?

Does this mean all its fry will be too?
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Both 0f the parents were albino and yes they were all albino Eight went to live with Tennhound, I kept a couple and the rest went to live at Dinos fish house.
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I've heard that water changes with cooler water encourages spawning with cories, is this true? I have 2 pandas, one bronze, and 2 what I thought were green but are actually silvery looking so something else? not albinos tho) I thought for sure one of those silver ones had eggs because her belly became very swollen within a week and the other one remained small. But it has been 2 months now and no action. Any opinions as to what that means. Can different cory species interbreed? Thanks

well I just found another of your posts Butterfly on tips for breeding cories so nevermind all that! Still wondering if species interbreed though?
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In general different species of corys are not known to interbreed.
If you want to stimulate them to spawn you can do a huge water change with water a few degrees cooler then feed them really well on blood worms, brine shrimp etc. Anything high in protein. When feeding heavily you have to do at least an extra water change to keep your water parameters good. This type of uneaten food rots fast and can cause water problems. Just remember to do water changes with water the same temp as what's in the tank. after the eggs are laid you can leave the temp as is or raise it back up to what it was.
This simulates their natural spawning triggers. In their natural habitat they spawn in the spring. The water is down then spring rains come (cooler water) and that washes copious amounts of food in the the water(they feed heavily) then they spawn and there's plenty of food for the fry. Hope that helps

LOL we both posted at the same time Am hoping to get the orange laser I got a while back to spawn wish me luck
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You are lucky! I want to raise cory frys so bad...............
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lucky Tennhound and Dino!!
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Yay! Congrats. My bronze cories just spawned today. I'm hoping the eggs are fertile this time.
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I have 8 panda cory cats, is there a chance they may mate?
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Congrats!!!!!!! I have got some cor babies as well. Complete shock and saved me a couple bucks because I was actually going out next week to buy more!
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Congrats! Too cute! Thanks for sharing.
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So cute Congrats
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Congrats on the fry!
betta fan 99
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My catfish have laid eggs before but they’ve never been fertile. However, yesterday I noticed that the eggs had become dark tan and clearly had babies in them. Today, as I was scooping the eggs out, they hatched! Right into my hands!

I have never cared for baby catfish (they are Bronze Cories) before, so I have some questions:
At the moment I have them in a fish bowl with an air stone, heater, tank water and a few plants. I don’t have a breeder net or an extra tank, will a bowl work if I do partial water changes frequently?
The air stone is causing a pretty strong current. I need it on for the unhatched eggs. Will the baby catfish do okay with current or should I see if I can turn it down? They have a place behind one of the plants with little water movement and have been sitting there.
Will First Bites be sufficient for their food? I’ve heard it can pollute the water.

Here’s some pictures, they’re so cute:




And here’s their bowl:

Any advice is appreciated, this is my first experience with baby catfish!


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I got about 30. They love sponge filters. I feed mine flakes that I grind down with my fingers. Just been topping off the 40 gallon. Nothing else in the tank with them.
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It's time for a baby shower.
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They laid the eggs on the glass and I scraped them off with a old credit card while holding a net under them. Then I put the eggs in a separate tank and bam! 30 something pepper and green cats. Its difficult to count them as fast as they move. When there small they hide in the homemade sponge filter.(fluval 100 sponge I think it is) I'm going to see if I can sell them to one of my LFS for store credit.
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I’ll probably sell mine, once they’re big enough. How long does that usually take for bronze cories?
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I’ll probably sell mine, once they’re big enough. How long does that usually take for bronze cories?
I don't know. This is my first time. They are about 3/8 long right now. I'm guessing maybe 6 months from eggs to big enough to sell.
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About ten of them hatched last night while I was collecting them, now I think almost all have hatched. My friend who was helping counted about 40 or 50 eggs, so I now have about 50 baby catfish! This is wild, I can’t believe how cute and tiny they are!
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Heres a pic of my baby corey tank.

Not very good pics


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So I’m having a bit of a problem... Today when I got home, about half my baby catfish were dead. I thought maybe the bowl wasn’t mature enough for them so I panicked and moved them to my 20 gallon tadpole tank. Now I have no way of keeping track of them, and I don’t know why they would be dying. I’m kind of disappointed, and I really hope the rest survive in the tadpole tank.
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That stinks. I'm sorry for your loss. I see you live in PA so do I. I'm on the east side below allentown if your close I would be glad to give you some of mine. I have green and peppered.

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