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Hey guys, so I know yall had some issues with my stocking for my 55 gallon and I'm working to correct it. I added 2 more glow tetra so now I have 3 and 2 more Rainbow fish totaling 3. I had a big tank crash when my water company flushed ammonia through and it took out 2 rainbows and a bunch of Angel's and 2 of my rams. I know my stocking still isn't perfected cause I am down to 3 danios, 3 of my older ones passed from age, I had 6. Now I have 3 and I don't plan to add more.

So I currently have 3 glotetra, 3 danios and 3 rainbowfish. 1 electric Blue Acara(he has a melting heart personality, very kind to his tankmates) and a koI angel(shes named dory because shes a bit special, not aggressive at all) and 1, 8" pleco and 1 Gold Ram. Tank is planted and dual filtered. 25% water change weekly. Have not had any disease outbreaks or sudden deaths in the tank since February or January when I had those bad problems.

No fin damage or wounds on any fish. Had a parasite on Dory when I bought her, it has died and her dorsal fin healed beautifully, all are very active at feeding time. Fish recognize me and swim all over when I'm Round and my Acara loves to show off. I plan to buy more glofish and rainbow fish cause I know they are schooling but I don't want to shock the tank, so one by one I'm adding to the school so the tank and cycle can adapt. I plan to let my danios pass on of age and will likely replace them with either gold rams or electric blue rams, I have had awesome luck with gold rams and their temperament but have no experience with electric blue rams.

But the fish do seem happy and are super smart. I really love my acara. He is such a sweetiepie. His colors were so dull when I got him. And now hes such a show off. Same with Dory. And the Rainbow fish, all are now very vibrant so that tells me they are super happy. Here are some before and after photos of some of my fishies.


The problem with this stock is that you don't have enough schooling species. tetras, rainbows, and danios should have at least 6 per aquarium. Three will give you issues eventaully. I'm also going to guess that you have zebra danios, and if this is the case, they don't work for your aquarium. zebra danio are a colder water fish wanting a max water temp of 75 degrees. this is way too cold for the other fish species you have which want a minimum of 78 degrees.
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I don't think you fully read my post at all but I stated before that I am adding more rainbow fish and glotetras and phasing out the danios cause I don't really like them. The danios are from the previous tank owner. My fish store won't take them so I'm stuck with them for now

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