Correct temperature for ich

  1. Tony G.

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    I have a male guppy with ich in my 10g. I have a 100w heater... should i lessen the temp to lets say 82 or should i still go for 84? (btw the dial goes from 82-86) so where should i put it? right now i set it to 82*

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    ich dies at around 84-86 but slowly raise as you probly know... and guppys can live up to 105 degrees so you should be fine(see below from

    Temperature Range
    Although guppies will live in water from 55 to 105 degrees, just like you, they prefer something a bit more moderate. The effective range for the successful keeping of guppies is from 72 to 86 degrees, with 78 to 82 degrees being the most commonly accepted.

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