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I bought this filter on Amazon a year ago. I have had no problems with it in my 10 gallon tank. When I bought it, there was a reviewer who wrote that the displayed layers on the Amazon page were shown in the wrong order and s/he said that (from the bottom up) should be the bio rings (D), then the white filter (A), then the fine black sponge (B) and then the coarse black sponge (C) on top. That is how I ordered mine.

I was looking at this again today and although I can't find that listed order again, or his/her review, many other people are writing all sorts of different ways this should be layered. What is correct, and why? Also, what type of filter is this considered? Sponge? Box? Canister?


It's a box filter and a corner filter...really, the same thing. Because the water flows in from the top, you want your coarse sponge to capture the water first, followed by a medium density sponge or floss, then your biomedia. You're fine the way you did it. Just rinse out one sponge at a time per month. I rarely touch the biomedia.

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