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  1. scubaseanNew MemberMember

    Ok so a while ago the base of my tank cracked front to back, with no QT tank at the time I quickly got a tank 2nd hand which is running brilliantly.

    Being the adventurous type I got my sister and brother in law (a glazer) to get me a piece of glass for my bday along with the silicon so I could attempt to fix it. All was going well till as I got to the last bit of silicon I cracked the corner. I have read about doing a "patch", lucky I have a cracked base to play with. Would this hold on this tank? Tank is 65lt crack is approx 2.5inch by 1inch

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  2. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    What size is the tank? I'd be worried it wouldn't hold. Petco is still having their $1 per gallon sale (until Aug 8th), and it might be easier if you bought a new one (plus you'd have more peace of mind!)
  3. scubaseanNew MemberMember

    Tank is a 65lt. Unfortunately in England but don't really have money for new tank anyway. (Really liked the idea of fixing). Was gonna do a test hold of water before doing anything with the tank in garden, just in case. (Even prior to the crack)

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  4. AkiliValued MemberMember

  5. scubaseanNew MemberMember

    Cool cheers for the link, bits I'd read to date hadn't stated if glass went inside or out, now I think about it it makes perfect sense to be inside lol.

    The link was on about a crack at the top (if I ready it right) mines at the bottom, same principles? It will still hold?

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  6. AkiliValued MemberMember

    I have patched both bottom and sides this way.On the bottom if the crack is in the corner make sure that your patch piece is as big as you can go in both directions to ease the pressure on the crack and also as close as you can get to the sides. Fill the gap with silicone too. Only draw back with a repair like this is that the tank gets heavier.
  7. scubaseanNew MemberMember

    Cool, was gonna use one of the pieces I just took out of the bottom so size wise will be nearly the full length and 3/4 hight.

    Will give the glass to in law first so he can smooth off the broken edge then do it as one whole fix, base and patch together so can get it flush as possible to corner. Means tank will have to wait a little longer but at least it'll be safer.

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  8. SlugWell Known MemberMember

    I personally wouldn't use it or trust it, mainly being a lower corner break, very critical part of the tank. But hey if you can fix it up then go for it, more power to you lol. It's your floor you are risking and not mine! ;) haha
  9. brettturpinValued MemberMember

    Only way I know to replace one of those is to replace the whole glass the bottom is much easier to repair.