I'm going to petsmart to get some cories tomoorow ... I only have a 10 G tank and I have 4 guppies in it 1 m 3 f... I was thinking of getting 2 cories so as not to overcrowd my tank because I'm also going to get a dwarf gourami... I hear cories do well in schools of 3... neone have ne suggestions on what I should do? I'm also going to get a few more plants... the plants aren't labled there but ill look for java grass
You may be a little more experienced with this than I am, so maybe I am wrong ???, but don't you think 3 guppies, 2 cory cats and 1 dwarf gouramis are seriously overcrowding for a 10 gallon? No disrespect, just MO.
The four guppys and three cories will make a very nice tank but adding the gourami will seriously over load it. Also the gourami will eat any fry you have and possibly eat the adult guppys.
That's what I thought, but I was thinking that maybe I was wrong, because dwarfs only get 2.5 to 3 inches. But the two I have use up ALOT of space
They also need lots of room to swim around and room to hide if they feel the need and ten gallon just doesn't supply that for gouramis.
From most of the websites I have researched, I would think that 3-4 gouramis (with no other similar sized fish that swim in the same regions) to a ten gallon could work out fine? Maybe someone could back me up? You can't always trust the things you read, sometimes it requires experience

Jon, did you get the cory cats?
no I don't think a ten gallon is a good idea for 3-4 dwart gouramis. Size wise it would be ok, but aggression wise there's just no place to get away from each other so somebody would wind up getting hurt.
I don't think I really backed you up because I said no it would not be a good idea. you have to think of more than fish size when you plan a tank. Think of their normal temperments, their needs ( hiding places, caves, plants etc).
I mean backing me up, as in, verifying how correct/incorrect my advice was not telling me I was right. You always need someone like that because there will always be someone more experienced to give better advice


my guppies are only 1 inch long and the cories at my lfs are only 1 inch long and I will get a larger tank soon so a 2-3 inch gourami and 2 1 inch cories and 4 1 inch guppies shouldnt be too bad for a live plant tank should it? that's only 8-9 inches of fish... maybe its a bit cramped but it won't be for long...

changed my mind I'm saving up for a saltwater tank so for now I'm kinda neglecting ( not care wise but purchasin wise) my freshwater

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