Cories Acting As Dither Fish?

  1. toeknee

    toeknee Well Known Member Member

    Hello all. In my 20 gallon long I recently changed substrate from dark to light and re-scaped everything. After rescaping all my fish were very timid even weeks afterwards. My peacock gudgeons who used to roam all over now hid under driftwood all day. My harlequin rasboras stayed in one spot under the overhanging jungle val, my dwarf gourami stayed in thick planted areas. I only had 2 peppered corys at the time due to losing 6 of them from previous substrate problems. Yesterday I added 6 more pepperred corys who were immediately active and foraging everywhere. Within MINUTES all my other fish's old personalities came back! the Harlequins were zipping around, my gudgeons were all over the place and my D.G. was roaming the whole tank. I have to think that just seeing these new corys swim all over not worried about anything convinced everyone else it's ok to come out. So....if you have shy fish problems look into a dither species!...which i did not realize cory cats could be.
  2. kayla.s

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    Redecorating is a method often used to calm aggression and territorial behavior in fish. When you re-scaped, you probably made them feel vulnerable as they didn't have a territory to consider their own, the addition of the corys probably helped them realise that they needed to set up space in the tank and gave them an extra push, seeing all these new fish around ;)
  3. Anders247

    Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    I wouldn't think of cories that way, but it is cool that it worked that way. I'm not surprised they became more happy when you got more.