Coral Fragging - Zoanthids


Zoas are a very common starter coral, as well as advanced coral. They will usually grow very fast and sometimes need fragging to keep in check. These are not great pictures because I was busy fragging haha, but you can at least follow along with some simple steps.

I used 2 different Zoas and mixed the pictures so it may not be the exact same frag all the way through, but same process.

First you need supplies and a space. Superglue gel, razor blades, a cutting surface, containers of water to hold and cure frags before and after fragging, rubber gloves and eye protection, and I like to have a toothbrush so I can clean the frags up some before going back in the tank. Notice the frag plugs in the water. They stay in my DIY Fuge until I need them so they are basically like live rock, I like to keep them wet.

Get the frag and determine which polyps you want to frag. In this case I want to frag the polyps growing around and under the frag plug.

They are still attached to the mat of the ones on top, so you must cut that as well. Cut as low as you can, don't cut the polyp itself. Here I am cutting inbetween 2 polyps.

Now you have your polyps cut off the mother colony

Now just put some super glue gel on the frag plug and then place the polyps in the glue. Press firmly enough so they set in the glue, but not so much you crush the polyp.

Then Bam, done! You have a nice little frag to start anew.

This is another beautiful frag I did today. 3 polyps of Mohawk Palys (1 large, 2 babies)

**I can't stress enough eye protection for this type of coral. These coral can squirt and their toxin is either very irritating or deadly (some don't even react to it, but better safe then sorry.) Hand protection is good, but unless you have cuts not really needed. Some people feel stinging from them, just goes on a person to person basis. Zoanthids and Palythoas can contain some of the most potent toxins in the world and getting some in your eye or a cut might not turn out to well. You will most likely get very sick. Pets that drink tank water that have housed Zoas have even died from it. Be aware, and be careful.**

That's how you frag Zoas and Palys! Its very easy and hard to mess up, a lot of people are afraid to try but its quite simple, I encourage everyone to try it. The most nerve racking part for me is cutting the polyps because they don't always cut like butter. Try it its fun!


Wow! that was a very cool demo! I know nothing about keeping a salt water tank and its creatures. But find it very interesting. Also your detailed photos are perfect!


How cool is this? Thanks for sharing this Slug! Also thanks for posting that warning at the end too about handling the palythoas especially. Some have experienced a metallic taste in their mouth after handling these guys. Be careful with these things. They do grow quite fast.


Thanks Mike. I have some Acan that probably can stand a fragging, just havn't had time lately. I'll have to try and get that done and posted. I'd like to get all types of coral frag guides up.


That would be very cool. Anything to help captive coral propagation.


Do you still have that plug in your aquarium? It would be neat to see how much the coral has grown since you fragged it.


I do not still have it. I traded it to some local club members a while back.


Cool I wonder how people did that. We had brownish color and green colored zoos in our tank when he had it. They were pretty cool looking too.

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