Coral Beauty Looks very sick. Can you help I.D?

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    My 75 gallon reef tank is doing very well except for this Angel. He could fit in the palm of my hand and has been hidden for weeks under a rock. When I got a look at him I noticed some fin rot all over, heavy breathing with mouth open, and white inflamed gills. He seems lethargic and drunk if you will. My PH is 8.2, temp is 77.6 steady, no Ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, or phosphates. His tank mates are a large yellow Tang, Gramma, 2 mated clowns with host anemone. There is a large Colt coral and plenty of live rock with mushroom corals. My LFS said it was a fungal problem and sold me PIMAFIX to treat the tank. I am on day 2 and the Angel has come out of hiding, but breathing hard. Can I take this as doing better? If someone could explain what he looks like in the pictures and has seen it - I would be relieved. Thank you.

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    SW ich? Im not sure. One thing that I would say is when you have a fungal issue its usually secondary from a bacterial. I would treat the tank with pimafix and melafix.
    Whenever I have had any issues with a fungal infection with my fish I use both and they come out of it.
    I would do a lot of waterchanges, vaccum the sand, and watch the chemistry closely.
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    He died over night. Thanks for information.