Cooling Fans

Hello all! I just set up my 20 gallon axolotl tank and I am currently cycling it. I've read everything there is to know about axolotl care and I know you have to keep the temperature at low levels. So, I have been doing some research on aquarium cooling fans and my question is can they be placed under an aquarium lid? I rather like my aquarium with a lid so I was wondering if someone who owns a fan cooling system, can shed some light on the matter. I know that fans work with evaporation and with a lid on I'm not sure how much the temperature can drop, so any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance!
Hey! You're spot on, cooling by evaporation is going to be significantly less with a lid. The humidity will be too high to for it to be effective, and in those hotter months, you're going to want all the evaporation you can get, especially because fans aren't that great at cooling anyways. You'll need to figure out a way to equalize humidity from under the lid with outside, with slats or perforations of some kind to let it escape. I've also seen setups where there's 2 fans, one blowing air in and the other blowing out. What sort of lid it is exactly?
Another thing to keep in mind is that some fans might not stand up well to prolonged periods of high humidity. If you like the aesthetics of a covered top, perhaps you could look into making a small open-backed wooden canopy? It could cover up a fan and a screen top/egg crate lid. Admittedly, that might look a bit out of place on a 20g.
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