Cool Classroom Aquarium Suggestions

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  1. Meldyran

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    As someone new to the hobby I am naturally trying to infect others with the idea of keeping aquariums. First target being my boyfriend who is a preschool teacher!

    He has expressed interest in maybe keeping a Betta tank, but I was looking from suggestions from you guys on cool ideas for what to keep in a classroom.

    I am not only looking for ideas on fish stock, but also on tank/sizes/ models. The build would have to be relatively low maintenance, and the fish should ideally be very hardy. His classroom is in a portable that goes un-cooled during the weekends. Here in Cali the heat may be the concern.

    We are still considering if it’s a viable idea, but I wanted to ask you guys, maybe there are cool things out there that can be done we haven’t thought about yet.
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  2. richie.p

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    Sounds a great idea you dont need anything special with kids that young its having fish in the classroom will be special to them anyway, my suggestion would be a 10gal tank easily maintained, water changes is a project on it's own for them. Fun and very educational, as for fish ide go for guppies at first, lots of colours,pretty hardy, will breed,
    Lots more ideas should come
  3. Jack B Nimble

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    The TANK.jpgPaludarium ! they will see the complete cycle of life in a mini world with less maintenance than a fish only tank. Each kid bring a small plant !
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  4. RSababady

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    I've been thinking about the same thing, so if you don't mind, I will follow this thread to see the ideas.