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  1. keynen

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    i have a 65g tank and i was considering stocking it with convict cichlids. From what i hear they are easy to breed and care for. Is this true... if not what is another cichlid that would easily breed. Your advice is appreciated.
  2. smillermom

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    Convicts are very easy to breed as they will start at a very young age.  They will breed, and breed, and breed!!!! You may end up with a ton of fish.  The bigger the tank, the better.  I have 2 females in a 37 and that is even too small as they are very territorial.  As you have a 65, just put a male/female in and make some caves with clay pots pushed into the gravel and you will have some fun. Make sure the 2 fish are relatively the same size. They love to lay eggs in the pots. If you start to be overrun by fry, scoop the eggs out before they hatch. Do not be surprised at how fast they lay new eggs. Too bad they are not chickens!!! I know a 65 sounds big for 2 fish but it won't be that way for long!! When the babies hatch, wait until you find they find a mate or pair up, as they get bigger of course. Save another pair and just keep on top of the eggs. One prob with convicts is you really cannot put many other fish with them however, as I have found out, they have so much personality what they give in return makes up for the variety. Good luck and have fun!
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    i have 5 convicts in my cichlid tank its a 75gal 4 of them paired up i have two sets of egg one set hatced alresdy and they battle all the time they laid there eggs about 6 inches away from each other its funny to watch but every body seems fine there is no loses so for there tank mates or 3 jewelfish,2 jack dempseys,2 tiger barbs,1 red devil, 1 fire mouth, 1 green terror, 1 blue acara,and 1 pleco they fight every now and then if someone is in the wrong area but no fish loss and no damaged fish everything looks cool good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!