Convict ?Question?

  1. FishHobbiest Well Known Member Member

    I was wondering if keeping two breeding pairs of convicts would be ok
  2. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    welcome to fishlore!(If i havent already)
    an answer to your question is, in a proper size tank you cold keep more than one pair...but there wouldnt ever be any calm in the tank ;) they would continuously quarrel with each other
  3. Tony G. Fishlore VIP Member

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    I agree, you could keep 2 breeding pairs, but the tank would need to be large, so they could have several places to call their own :)
  4. FishHobbiest Well Known Member Member

    Sorry i let this sit for a while, but would a 55 be ideal
  5. Amanda Fishlore VIP Member

    I wouldn't try it in a 55. That would be too small for 2 pairs of breeding Cons
  6. FishHobbiest Well Known Member Member

    ok thats what i was thinking after reading some more, i got the idea from sombody's fish jornal, they bred 2 pairs in a 55