convict fry

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    fishnet New Member Member

    i am on my second batch of fry and i have a ten gallon setup for the fry.(i fed the first batch to my jack dempsey) how early can i move them and what should i use to mve them? should i take 1/2 the water out of the 10 gal and just siphon the babies and 20 gal water with it into the 10 gal? should itry to net them or should i siphon them into a bucket then try to net them? last time i just siphoned them into the 29 gal cichlid tank but before i was done they gobbled them up. :;dk also should i put a few live plants into the baby tank so they can nibble on that while they grow?
  2. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    are you moving them to use as feeders or to raise the fry? if you are keeping them, move them when they cant fit in the other fish's mouth (if there are other fish in the other tank) you can do this with a syphon to a bucket and poor it directly into the 20 gal
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    mission baby failed. i netted them into a breeder net because that tank needed maintenence anyway and i just set the breeder net in my 55 while i finished letting my 10 gal that i started for feeder fish cycle a few more days and when i came home today i caught my yoyo loaches sucking babies through the net. so i only have a few left. more willl come in a few weeks. on a bighter note i just bought three blue ram cichlids today!