55 Gallon Tank Convict Cichlids have fry


I know there post about it but I am still confuse. Two of my convict male and female have fry ton of them. Since this is the first time I have Convict Cichlid fry. I have some questions so I am not confuse anymore.

1: I notice the mom sometime eat her fry is that normal?

2: I read Convicts are good parent of protecting their youngs, like I said if that true why the mom eat some of her fry?

3: I read you need to move the fry into other tanks so the parents don't eat them if that true how do I set up a new tank? Don't really have money to buy a brand new big tank and stuff for it.

4: What about foods? All I have are cichlid pellets, gold fish flakes. Do I need to go to store to buy brime shrimps or somethings?

Thanks you for your tips.


I can help you out, I have a breeding pair of convicts.

1. Yes, most cichlids including the convict are mouthbroaders. This means that they will hold the fish in their mouth when they are young.
2. Absolutely true! These fish are great parents. They will actually care for their young by holding the fry in their mouths and moving them to where they are safe from predators. The mom will do the mouthbroading and the dad will watch for other fish making sure nobody comes near the babies. Again, they would not eat their babies. The mother may hold them and spit them out and the father will likely not mouthbroad and to be honest I would be concerned if I saw my male con with babies in it's mouth.
3. After about a month your fish will breed again and no longer care for the first batch of fry. Unless you have a big tank with many territories you would need to take them out. I have a 10 gallon tank that I found used very cheap (you can find used tanks at yard sales and on craigslist) and I have my 1 month old babies in there. You can keep the fish with the parents for about a month before you remove them. I have about 30 and I intend to give them away/sell them to a local fish store in my area for store credit. If not I will feed them to my pufferfish.
4. Cichlid pellets are good. You can crush them up to a powder and put them in a dish of water then use a turkey baster to shoot it down to the babies.

Hope this helps!

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