Convict Cichlid Mating Question Question

Discussion in 'Soft Coral' started by Jay Chen, May 23, 2019.

  1. Jay Chen Valued Member Member

    So I currently have a convict that has mated before when I bought it at my lfs 2 weeks ago and am wondering if I were to Introduce a female in there, then will they for a pair or is it impossible since I heard that they are monogamous.
  2. A201 Well Known Member Member

    Convicts are one of the most prolific breeding cichlids in the hobby. I don't believe monogamy is part of a convict's lifestyle, although like with any fish there are exceptions. It wouldn't be unusual for a male Convict to kill its mate.
    If your tank is large enough, consider adding two or three female Convicts and allow a more natural pairing.
    On a side note, It's difficult to find a fish store or another fish
    keeper that will take an unwanted Convict.
  3. Jesterrace Well Known Member Member

    Not sure what's up with all the freshwater posts in the salty section as of late. Could a mod please move this to the freshwater side where they could get more help with this? @stella1979